FAQs 2017-05-24T12:49:17+00:00
What happens if I lose or damage a costume? 2017-05-21T12:15:05+00:00

In the event, the item is lost or damaged whilst in your care, you must pay for the full replacement value or repair cost to fully restore the hired item(s).

Do you cater for company functions or larger orders? 2017-05-21T12:13:36+00:00

We love catering for larger functions if we have advanced notice we can arrange for our shelves to be stocked full of choice/relevant/themed items.

If larger groups are coming to be fitted at one time, a booking is recommended so we can give you the time and attention you deserve.

Can I send an item back in the post? 2017-05-21T12:12:46+00:00

You can post items back as long as it is pre-arranged and they are sent back via registered post with the exception of hats or items that are likely to get damaged in transit.

Do you accept returns out of hours? 2017-05-21T12:11:57+00:00

No, we are unable to accept returns out of hours.

What are the best times to come into the store? 2017-05-21T12:11:28+00:00

Our opening hours are:

9am – 5pm
12pm – 7pm
10am – 5pm
10am – 4pm
Are there any discounts available? 2017-05-21T12:10:51+00:00

We offer a 10% discount for group bookings of 8+ full hire costumes.

What is the cancellation policy? 2017-05-21T12:10:16+00:00

Hire stock:
You can cancel a booked costume, however, we have a $20 cancellation fee. The remaining hire fee we will refund to you.
Please note once the days the costume was booked for have passed, you cannot ask for monies back. This is classified as a non-picked up hire.
If you booked a costume and decided to change your mind we will charge an $11 change on mind fee. We do this because whilst the costume is off the floor booked under your name other cannot hire it.

Sale Stock:
We do not refund any sale stock. We will only provide refunds for items that are faulty in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act.

Do you provide exchanges? 2017-05-21T12:09:28+00:00

We exchange purchased items if they are unopened and returned to us with proof of payment.

What happens if I am late on returning a costume? 2017-05-21T12:09:00+00:00

Costumes are due back on the date stated on the hire agreement.

We understand that people can sometimes forget, or are unable to get back to us in time.
We allow for 1-2 days extension if people get in contact with us to let us know they will be late. The extension will be granted at discretion of the business

The overdue fees are $20 for the first business day and then the full hire fee for each additional day.

The overdue fees are as stated on the hire agreement.

Are the dates flexible? If I need a costume for longer than expected can that be arranged? 2017-05-21T12:08:28+00:00

Yes extended hires can be arranged in advance. During peak time, unfortunately, we are not always able to offer this.

What am I required to provide to hire a costume? 2017-05-21T12:08:00+00:00

We need to take a security bond that can be cash or credit card.
Ideally, we need a WA drivers license or we can take a higher security bond if you don’t have one.

Do I need to make a booking to come in? 2017-05-21T12:06:13+00:00

There’s no need to make a booking to come in.  It is good if you can make it in 30-45 minutes before we close so we can fit and style you in a costume that looks great.  We book hire costumes up to 3 weeks in advance.

Where can I find you? 2017-05-21T12:05:18+00:00

228 Cambridge Street, Wembley.